Professional Training and learning are the best way to acquire professional knowledge, develop intellectual skills, raise competence, and develop capabilities. Training is a highly valued investment of time and resources, leading to growth and prosperous businesses, and Training inculcates concepts and ideas in different life areas and occupies a necessary and pivotal position as an effective way to achieve goals.

Training programs in all its aspects must be subject to international quality standards and adhere to the real concept of the training and development process to ensure its success to allow the trainee to achieve his/her goals and improve his/her career overall. Furthermore, moving to global companies with respectable job opportunities.

British Institute of Technological Advancement and Professionalism supports the programs mentioned below and issues certificates of attendance for trainees who have received direct or online training through our accredited training providers (Centers and Trainers) given that the trainees successfully pass the training course requirements. Before requesting certificates, they must be sure that the training program has been implemented according to the standards and specifications set by the ISLES.

ISLES Sectors+

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Web Design

REC: 994090

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Computer Science

REC: 994091

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Digital Marketing

REC: 994092

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Humain Resources

REC: 994093

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HTMl Develpment

REC: 994094

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REC: 994095

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Civil Engineering

REC: 994096

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Electronics and Industrial Automation

REC: 994097

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REC: 994098

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REC: 994099

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REC: 994100

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Personal Coaching

REC: 994101