ISLES International University is an award for leaders with open minds and exceptional personalities who provide specialized professional services and contribute to society's significant development. ISLES membership reflects an interconnected mixture of the candidates' professional and personal characteristics in terms of knowledge, skill, experience, and competence to be used in performing their roles accurately and confidently. ISLES Membership also provides holders with a career path to continually advance and indicate their commitment to developing their personal and professional performance.

Membership Advantages

  • ISLES Membership gives candidates a distinct identity and a high position at the global level.
  • ISLES Membership is an accurate indication that a candidate has the capacity and resources to provide quality in his or her major.
  • ISLES Membership allows candidates to use the Digital badge on profiles and social media to give a professional impression.
  • ISLES Membership gives candidates an official certificate listed on the ISLES's website to confirm international recognition.
  • ISLES Membership increases opportunities for acquaintance and exploration of new cultures.
  • ISLES membership works on communicating with those with expertise in the same field to achieve mutual benefit.
  • ISLES Membership enhances the candidates' professional, managerial, and personal value to achieve their goals.
  • ISLES Membership qualifies candidates to request certification from the ISLES for trainees after successfully passing the programs (for trainers)
  • ISLES Membership qualifies members (trainers) to nominate them to conduct internal and external training within their specializations.

Membership Beneficiaries

  • Business People
  • Managers of Companies and Banks
  • Coaches, Teachers, and Speakers
  • Leaders in their Businesses
  • Business Technology and Designers
  • Industry Leaders and Engineers
  • Company Owners